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This is a Shaabri Vashikaran Muslim Attraction Mantra, however this mantra can be practiced by anyone, there is no bar. I have already explained about the Muslim Shaabri mantras in my earlier posts.
To acquire Siddhi [mastery] over this mantra, the mantra has to recited daily 108 times for a total period of 40 days. One is said to attain mastery after 40 days. Thereafter whenever you wish to attract anyone, you have to take any eatable, like a sweet and recite this mantra and blow your breath into the eatable,this will bind the eatable with the mantra.Then give that eatable to that person you wish to attract to eat.This will bring that person under your spell of attraction.

Shaabri Vashikaran Muslim Attraction Mantra

Shaabri Vashikaran Muslim Attraction Mantra

Please note that I do not practice or endorse the use of these methods, they are being given for information purposes only.
Bismillaaye har rahaman vir rahin
Almosi hi vallari ll
बिसमिल्लाए हर रहमान वीर रहीम
आलमोसि ही वल्लरी ll


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