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mohini mantra sadhna

This is Mohini Mantra or the Mantra of magnetism in which the use of Cloves is made. To attain Siddhi this mantra has to recited 21 times for a period of 21 days. This experimentation or Sadhana should be in progress on a Sunday, and the Sadhana should inaugurate by lighting a Diya small earthen or metal lamp in which oil or Gheeis poured and a cotton wick is used to light the lamp. Mohini Mantra is a rare Tantric Amulet particularly devised for Women and Girls to bring their Husbands and Lover under their control. Rati is the husband of  Kamadeva. Scriptures specifically illustrate Goddess Rati as the epitome of Beauty, Attraction, Love and Desire. All these character are conferred to a lady who pleases the Goddess. Vashilaran.Org has put in somebody’s company an incredible attraction kit popularly known in tantra as ” Mohini Yantra.”

mohini mantra sadhna,mohini mantra

mohini mantra sadhna,mohini mantra


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