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Kleem namo bhagawate kamadevay shri sarvajana priyaya sarvajanam sammohanaya
jwal jwal prajwal prajwal han han vad vad tap tap samohay samohay
sarvajanam sarvajanam me vasham kuru kuru swaahaa |

This is Kleem Kamdev Mantra. God of this Mantra is Kamdev. Recitation of this mantra is good for achieving success in to Love & Relationships and the following problem sort our .Successful Relationship Or Marriage,Good Relation With Husband Or Partner,Good Relation With Wife Or Partner,Finding The Right Wife Or Partner,Finding The Right Husband Or Partner,Sexual Issues Of Women,Sexual Issues Of Men

Kleem Kamdev Mantra

My name is Rajesh. My marry before 9 year ago with punam. My life after marry is happy with my wife . i have 2 gril and one boy they are 5 and 2 year old. we live my fahter and mother they are also happy wit us. but unfortunately me and my wife some mi stack. So we don’t understand each other. Day to day we angry to each other. Many time i thinks we setting and explain our mistake. But all is west. After some my wife  want broken our relationship. Now i m so sad bcz i thinks about child. i try to understand my wife but she on’t understand, My father and mother also telling with my wife but she don’t understand. Then one day my friend come in my home then he see my conditions. Then he tell me about afreeda ali ji and kleem kamdev mantra. Then we go to afreeda ali ji and we with. Then Afreeda ali ji tell me kleem kamdev mantra and how i use this. Then we come back. I use kleem kamdev mantra prosess. after some day i saw that my wife understand me and normal now. now my father and mother also happy. i tell thnks for afreeda ali ji.

Kleem Kamdev Mantra

Kleem Kamdev Mantra

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