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Introduction: Over the past 30 years, I’ve seen women increasingly concerned about power and control in marital relationships. It’s an issue that deserves the attention it’s been given and women usually have good reason to be alarmed at the controlling behavior of their husbands. It not only deprives them of their personal right to freedom of choice, but it also ruins their marriages. The attempt of one spouse to control another is a short-sighted solution to marital conflict that backfires every time.

How to control husband ?

How to control husband ?

The first letter I’ve chosen is long, but particularly good in describing what women put up with when married to controlling men. The second letter is from a man who is being accused by his wife of being controlling, but he doesn’t agree. Most controlling men don’t. Is he really trying to control her, or is she just caught up in the paranoid thinking of some women these days?


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